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Exam Preparation Guide

Exam Preparation Guide

As the future of a person is purely based on the skills they possess, it is necessary that they have to take some effort to sharpen it in accordance with the opportunity before them. For this education is an excellent tool. To be successful in education, one needs to come out of the exam stratum colorfully. To be successful in exams it becomes inevitable to make a preparation for it in an effective manner. The preparation if done in a proper turn the result will be colorful. Here, let’s have a look at the preparation guide for the exams in general. Age doesn’t matter, as anyone with proper planning can win over the exams with colorful features. So if they are guided properly they will come out in a confident frame with which they can enter the pace of the job market.

  • Be aware of the exam pattern, timetable, and the date of the exam
  • Understand that miracle never happens; only hard work will be rewarded
  • Think well of your skills, capabilities, interests and weakness.
  • Then frame out your likeliness in life or what you wish to accomplish in life.
  • Understand the basic concept that being strong is the only choice before you. This will build up a strong mindset molding you to face and win over all the challenges.
  • The main challenge before you is to ‘rise above all.’ This is to be the foundation to build up your future castle.
  • The student needs to have a strong conceptual knowledge regarding each topic
  • Segregate the topics in which you are weak and strong
  • Start the preparation for the exam by collecting as many books as possible
  • Prepare for the final exam in parallel to the entrance exams or the exam aiming at
  • Focus on the goal you wish to accomplish
  • Time management is to be properly designed so as to balance the studies and relaxing time
  • Then carve out a plan to make an effective preparation under the guidance of an expert
  • In planning one is to include how to study, what to study, prioritizing the portion to be given special attention and the way of time management
  • When studying a topic, try to understand the basic concepts touchstones of the subject
  • Make a note of your topic when studying. This will be highly useful at the time of revision
  • Strengthen the strong topics and invest more time in studying week topics
  • Collect the previous question papers on the subject before you and work out on it as many times as possible and evaluate yourself of the progress you make
  • To make a student progress in learning process along with the school curriculum, give importance to the extra books or materials you have collected and include the knowledge that you have earned and which is not there in the curriculum in your note making
  • Never feel that you are full-fledged in the topic before. You keep on practicing till the day of the exam

These are some of the ways you should strictly adhere to, when making a preparation for an exam. Before taking the exams, think there is nothing impossible and you can do it. Take a deep breath, relax and step into the examination podium.

(Just put the below points in a circle or in any attractive pattern)

  • Set your goal
  • Make a thorough plan for exam preparation
  • Be aware of your strong and weak areas
  • Be with good time management for the studies and relaxation
  • Get the assistance of a good guide for your weak topics
  • Make short notes when studying
  • Strengthen your strong topics and invest more time in weak subjects
  • Collect data from books apart from those included in the study curriculum
  • Answer the previous question papers after making a collection of it
  • No miracles ever happen; instead hard work will be rewarded. Do a hard work and you will be rewarded







Home is the most important asset of an individual’s life. When a person is with a home, he or she will feel the security in the community and the easiness in forwarding the life further. The young generation tells about the settlement of their life. By this, they mean about having a home of their own, marriage, etc. so the prime preference goes to home here also.

A home means not just a building structure. A building becomes a home, only when the life of the people within is meaningful and happy. To make the life within the home meaningful, lot of factors impart its influence on the people living there. Color is a vibrant tool influencing the people. So when painting the house, be cautious enough to choose colours suitable for each room. These colours have influence over the behaviour of mass living there, their mood changes, well-being, and their energy level. Putting it altogether, it assigns its impact on all aspects of life of the people occupying the home.

Complex colours in the exterior or interior of home attract a high-profile group:

Using complex colours for the interior and exterior of the house will attract the civilized crowd. Complex colours here, do mean with a name consisting of more than one name. Instead, if using simple colours, it will attract the middle or lower class people. Our society is covered with a myth that simple colours will go for lower budgets.


Make smaller rooms appear bigger:

Small rooms are very common in our society. Still, big rooms are in the dreams of every person. So to figure out your small room as a big room paints can do a magical play. You can also make it luxurious and get satisfied with it.

White colour has a mysterious effect on the room, making it appear as if bigger than its actual size. However, everyone will not be comfortable with white colour as it casts a dull appearance. So go for other light and bright colours like bright pink shade, sea green, peach, lavender, blue, etc. Beyond this, special techniques are to be employed while using light colours for small rooms:


  • Use only one colour for one room. Don’t embed the room with many colours.
  •  The accessories and furniture used in small rooms should be complimenting to the colour used in the walls, which will give it a big appearance. Using contrasting colours for the accessories and furniture of the room will give it a small appearance
  •  If the colour used in painting the walls is used in the ceilings, it will give an enlarged appearance in the room
  •  A room with low ceiling is to be painted vertically, while rooms narrow in appearance are to be painted horizontally
  •  If the flooring colour does match with the wall colours a room will appear to be big
  •  Lighting has a significant role to play in making the room look bigger. Using artificial lighting in important places in the room make the room appear bigger.
  •  Using mirrors, which reflects light, which is artificially designed into the room make it bigger in size. A long mirror in a horizontal direction, if attached to the wall of a small room will make the room appear bigger in size.

Colour suiting your kitchen and dinning room :

It is evident from the facts and experience that the red colour will increase the appetite of the people. So using red colour in the kitchen and dinning room will work out. Red and yellow colour will suit the kitchen the most. Apart from this, if you can select colours from your memories that could present a pleasant mood in you, will be the most suitable colour, which you can opt for your kitchen. While choosing red colour is very cautious. Look for your health. It is dangerous to go for red colour, which will augment the blood pressure.

red or yellow colour will suit your kitchen

Colour for bathrooms at home:

For bathrooms and bedrooms, choose a very relaxing colour. It is here you can relax the most, in a day. So if the colour of your bedroom goes in compliance with your mood, it will boost the effect caused by you. Choose the darker shades of relaxing colours. The effect will be more.

dark colours in bathrooms

Seasonal colours for home:

In winter make your home warm: In winter using yellow colour paint or orange paint or red shades in the exterior and interior of the home will warm it up and will present the people with a welcoming look.

In the summer go for colours which can make your home look clean, cool and fresh. It is suggested to opt for blue colour in summer, which will provide a fresh look and make your home cooler.


Colour for working room or office in your home:

For your workout room, go for a colour combination of blue and green, which will give you a relaxing environment. To make you vibrant, then prefer a combination of yellow and blue paint. For the office room in your home, select green. Green colour improves the concentration in the work you do. Going for the green colour in the office room, don’t over do it. It will cause only adverse effects, instead of positive effects.

working room with blue and green

Colour for the portico of your home:

As yellow is the optimistic colour, prefer it for the porch or portico or in an entry way of your home. Purple is the colour of romanticism and wealth. But the fact is that actual purple colour is not available. So it can be done with mixing natural colours.

Portico of a house painted in purple

Pink is the appropriate colour which can be used in rooms used for meditation or exercise. This colour is having a calm impact. Go for orange colour in a room accommodating sick people, especially with asthma patients. It helps in improving the function of the lungs and gives the asthma patients a relief. When implementing the colour psychology in your home first look at the nature. For the interior of home, choose the blended natural colours that appear in the nature. For the exterior of the home choose bright colours.

Look Stylish In Fleece

fleece 2 fleece 4fleece 5

Fleece Jackets came forth from the merging of sheep wool and synthetic fibers. Nowadays in the market, it is popularly called as “fleece”. It is the breathtaking feature that made the fleece a fast moving stylish product. The wool component in it makes the body of the user warm and the man-made fibers used in its manufacturing help in holding it. The attractive features of Fleece Jackets are it is lightweight, warm, comfy affordability and the stylish look. Fleeces are available suiting different seasons.

Manufacturers of fleece jacket for men or women are revolving round in producing more variety of fleece jackets in various colors and designs. Its style drifts from jackets used during ski to outerwear camping. The wrists, collars, wind flaps, zippers and pockets give the fleece a unique style that differ it from any other jacket. This makes it a running product, even making an entry into the business world, attracting people with no age bar.


Albert Einstein

“ I fear the day that technology will surpass  the human interactions. The world will have a generation of idiots.” These are the words of the famous scientist Albert Einstein.

Yes, what he feared is now a reality. From kids to the aged are enjoying with mobile phones for variety. Now  of purposes. SMS has eclipsed the calls. Youth is overwhelmed in its enthusiasm.  The new generation is fully immersed in mobile pools. They have no time other than spending it with the technological developments in the mobile arena. Whenever we enter a coffee café, the sight of every one being  engaged in mobile phone activities is common. The students, employees, hose wives, kids and even ordinary laborers are now with a mobile phone.

using mobile phone

The technological development all around the world is good to a certain extent. When it exceeds its limits, it’s too dangerous. Strip away the over enthusiasm shown in the initial stage itself. Or otherwise it  will sooner change the facet of our behavior, relationship and awareness. We should come out of the  cage of mechanical life and be a role model for the new generation.



The scientist, moreover an apt politician with a humanitarian approach is no more, leaving behind fond memories of uplifting India to the peak of brilliance.  It was he who answered the question put forward by the BBC to the top most VIPs of the world stunning them with applauses. The question was “ How will you describe your birthday?”. The answer was so simple from APJ, “it was the only day when my mother laughed seeing me crying”. Yes, it is true. That will be the only day when each mother will laugh out of happiness seeing her baby crying. This was accepted by the BBC as the most worthy answer.


He had a clear vision of how India would be by 2020. It will be one of the  commanding nation of the world. His presidential period was full of events including the most disastrous event of Indian history ‘The Gujarat Tragedy’. But the decisions at that crucial time from the Rashtrapathi Bhavan was stern and brilliant to maintain and bring back harmony among people. His life was a single man show. Through high efforts he made the Rashtrapathi Bhavan so near to the people of India. This was a unique feature of this Rashtrapathy, which was different from that of others in this field.

He was the inspiration of the youth around the world. His target was the new generation as they are the holders of the future of each nation. He always stood for religious harmony. Being the 11th President of India, he was always proud to be part of the rich Indian culture. He is no more, but his contributions to the society will reveal his presence eternally.

He said “ A book equals hundreds of good friends, but a good friend eaquals a library.”

As an Indian we should salute him.


Content Writing

Opus Writers Blog

Content Writing

A content writing can be described as ” a creation of different text in various forms like articles, website content, notes, reviews, blogs etc”. A content writer should have a good writing skill and understand the wed world.

A content is the crucial part that decides the fate of a website.The quality and quantity of a content gets your website top listed in search engines.The freshness and uniqueness of the content keeps your website top listed .Continues  updates will keep up the freshness on your website and that will increase the number of visitor on your site.

The content of your website decides your quality , publicity , search engine ranking and your exposure in the Global  Market.

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Tips to Post Your Blog Efficiently

To post a blog is not a big thing but to post a blog efficiently is not a child’s play. People post their blog so

blog post tipsthat more people come to know about them. But what’s the use of a blog if your blog hardly reaches the people. Here are 10 tips which will help your blog reach a wider range of people.

Blog Posting tips

  • Start with the Title

Consider the first you look at a human, your makes a contact with his/her eye and then you scan them from top to bottom , similar is the procedure followed when look at a blog. So start with the title portion. Your title is what a person looks at. Hence follow a title that gives a brief description about your blog. It would be additional advantage if you choose a keyword based title.

  • Use header tags

Once the title portion is complete, give subheadings to your blogs, let’s say use header tags like h2 and h3. Remember the priority of the header tags decreases as the number increases. People always prefer split contents rather than big paragraphs.

The most important part to be followed while writing the content is to avoid duplicated contents. You may not be a professional writer; nothing to worry you can still have a content of your own. Consult any professional writer and you can make changes accordingly. Try to include the keywords in your content.

  • The inbound links

Getting an inbound link for your site through your blogs is a way to boost the page rank of your site. So when possible try to include the inbound links for your site in your blogs. At the same time the content quantity must match up with the number of inbound links you are using because when the content gets less and the number of links is more, Google bots find it difficult to crawl your content.

  • Highlight the words with bold

There is a belief that Google bots are attracted towards bold letters, well we don’t know about that, but we can say about humans. Humans do pay attention to bold letters in a paragraph.

  • Social sharing

Share your posts publicly with a small description followed by a hash tag. Share it in social medias like face book, twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and other accounts where you can get maximum visits for your site.

  •  Insert an Image

Insert a meaningful image to your website which has high clarity can also get you some clients who look at the pictures rather than words. It’s because you know, a picture speaks thousand words.

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