Tips to Post Your Blog Efficiently

To post a blog is not a big thing but to post a blog efficiently is not a child’s play. People post their blog so

blog post tipsthat more people come to know about them. But what’s the use of a blog if your blog hardly reaches the people. Here are 10 tips which will help your blog reach a wider range of people.

Blog Posting tips

  • Start with the Title

Consider the first you look at a human, your makes a contact with his/her eye and then you scan them from top to bottom , similar is the procedure followed when look at a blog. So start with the title portion. Your title is what a person looks at. Hence follow a title that gives a brief description about your blog. It would be additional advantage if you choose a keyword based title.

  • Use header tags

Once the title portion is complete, give subheadings to your blogs, let’s say use header tags like h2 and h3. Remember the priority of the header tags decreases as the number increases. People always prefer split contents rather than big paragraphs.

The most important part to be followed while writing the content is to avoid duplicated contents. You may not be a professional writer; nothing to worry you can still have a content of your own. Consult any professional writer and you can make changes accordingly. Try to include the keywords in your content.

  • The inbound links

Getting an inbound link for your site through your blogs is a way to boost the page rank of your site. So when possible try to include the inbound links for your site in your blogs. At the same time the content quantity must match up with the number of inbound links you are using because when the content gets less and the number of links is more, Google bots find it difficult to crawl your content.

  • Highlight the words with bold

There is a belief that Google bots are attracted towards bold letters, well we don’t know about that, but we can say about humans. Humans do pay attention to bold letters in a paragraph.

  • Social sharing

Share your posts publicly with a small description followed by a hash tag. Share it in social medias like face book, twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and other accounts where you can get maximum visits for your site.

  •  Insert an Image

Insert a meaningful image to your website which has high clarity can also get you some clients who look at the pictures rather than words. It’s because you know, a picture speaks thousand words.

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