10 years after Tsunami

10 years before when the whole world prepared themselves for the Christmas night and the children who awaited the Santa Clause to come with lots of presents, least had they thought the Santa would appear as a Tsunami and claim the lives of thousands of innocents.  To this day , it becomes 10 years of that dreadful incidence and yet its grievances are to be dealt with.


December 26th, 2004 the day this changed the lives for many, which left many families homeless, which left many children orphan. The deadliest natural disasters in history killing around 230, 000 people and affecting fourteen countries which resulted in the parent’s loss, the child’s loss and the nation’s loss.

One would never like to remember the day but one cannot even forget this day, yes dec 26th a day not to be forgotten in our life. Its pain has been cured and the wound it left in the minds of people is never cured.

The plight of affected people and countries even lasts today. Years passed on but not the wound it has caused. From deep inside the heart, opus writers mourn over every family’s loss and hope for no such dreadful things to happen in future.

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