The Power of Speech

The Power of Speech 

714They say words can inspire an entire nation and evoke a sense of burning desire in a person. So powerful are the words used in speech!

The greatest speeches in history have been handcrafted to perfection by the best of minds in the world. The speech, ‘I Have A Dream’ by Dr. Martin Luther King has crept into the pages of many government guides and ideology texts, solely because of the impact of the words he uttered.

A speech can be a written one or an extempore one. A good speaker knows that his speech will be effective only if the thought flow is smooth and even throughout the speech. A written speech however is often more organized mainly because the writer will take time to think, structure or jot down the points according to their relevance. He will alter the length of the sentences according to the emphasis to be given for each point. For easy reading through, the writer will have to use proper punctuation marks.

The beginning of the speech must create an impact. As the first impression is the best impression, it would be prudent to trim the beginning content of your speech until you think it gains perfection. The use of quotations to create drama is a good idea; However, too much use of the same is a major turn off for the listener.

When getting to the main content of the speech, the relevance, accuracy and structure of the sentences and data are critical. One should remember that when he writes the speech, it should be written in the style of a direct, face-to-face communication. Humour should be kept mild at all times.

End the speech on a positive note by summing up the points of the speech and thanking the audience. Maintaining common courtesy and politeness during the last few lines of the speech is very important.

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