Albert Einstein

“ I fear the day that technology will surpass  the human interactions. The world will have a generation of idiots.” These are the words of the famous scientist Albert Einstein.

Yes, what he feared is now a reality. From kids to the aged are enjoying with mobile phones for variety. Now  of purposes. SMS has eclipsed the calls. Youth is overwhelmed in its enthusiasm.  The new generation is fully immersed in mobile pools. They have no time other than spending it with the technological developments in the mobile arena. Whenever we enter a coffee café, the sight of every one being  engaged in mobile phone activities is common. The students, employees, hose wives, kids and even ordinary laborers are now with a mobile phone.

using mobile phone

The technological development all around the world is good to a certain extent. When it exceeds its limits, it’s too dangerous. Strip away the over enthusiasm shown in the initial stage itself. Or otherwise it  will sooner change the facet of our behavior, relationship and awareness. We should come out of the  cage of mechanical life and be a role model for the new generation.


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