Evolution of SEO

Over the years people changed, their ideas changed and so the technology. Similarly Google changed its algorithm, not just one time or two, but for about 500 times. Websites in the earlier days were just means for attracting eyes. Since the day man realised its importance, they had started working on making their websites visible on the search engines which eventually resulted in tough competition between organizations. Here we see the different phases taken by the Google authorities to meet man’s greedy needs.

The first search, Search 1.0 was like Alta Vista Lycos and Web Crawler.  Instead of Google there was open text and Magellan. They crawled sites based on the words; hence the relevancy was all about the number of words. Well when people got this idea they eventually started stuffing words unnecessary. This was way too easy to spam. And the Google authorities further came up with the search 2.0. Unlike the first search here they didn’t gave much importance to the number of words, rather the focus was on the link analysis. The links were more like votes and just like a man with maximum votes becomes the president; here the site with the maximum links topped the list of search engine inspite of poor quality of site. Hence Page Rank came as the search 3.0, Eventually link factors including Page rank assessed at a domain level rather than at the page level. The whole thing worked upon the domain authority where a site based on higher domain authority ranked better than a site on lower domain authority.

The last was the user signals search, where the behaviour of user towards a site was recorded. The activities include click through rates, bounce rates, and search patterns. Until now the same had been followed throughout. Which is why industries are employing SEO specialists as the competition gets tough with the technology. At the end only the best survives and manages to be at the top.

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