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5 Fruits you must try when you visit Kerala

                          5 Fruits you must try when you visit Kerala

Kerala, rich in fresh fruits with hospitable  natives is truly travelers’ paradise. Distinctly spotting, the main asset of God’s Own Country as a tourist’s podium is the blissful scenario and the delicious dishes. The tourists are very much concerned of the fresh veggies and a variety of fruits feasible in Kerala. We will have a look into some of five significant fruits which the travelers should try in special, when in Kerala.


Kerala has the blissful bunch of varieties of mangoes. Let the travelers enjoy the taste, nutrition and even the smell and sight of the king of fruits, when visiting Kerala. The variety of mangoes available in Kerala range from small ball-sized Ping- Pong mangoes to big ones coming to half a KG in weight, showing its unique taste, smell and texture. Let the tourists embellish their visit to Kerala with a gastronomical voyage through the most spectacular natural scenery with the tasty  mangoes in their dishes.

Let the travels, enjoy the tasty mango salads, juices, jam, and chutneys which are fat-free, cholesterol free, low calorie diet rich in vitamins, fiber content and antioxidants. The tourists can never have this outside Kerala.

Jack Fruit:

The jack fruits available in Kerala, make the travelers cheerful. The fleshy content inside is extremely tasty and intensely sweet. An unripe jack fruit can be cooked like a non-vegetarian dish. The ripe jack fruit with its pulp, colored yellow, have a unique deliciousness. It’s difficult to explain its taste as it is a blend of the taste of banana, pineapple and lychee. In jack fruits, varieties are available based on the difference in the texture of the pulp inside. The aromatic, flavorful and succulent pulp is eaten fresh. It is used for preparation of jams, canned products, chutneys, candies, and chips. The pear-shaped honeyed fruit can shoot up your energy with no fat. Its rich nutritional, mineral and medicinal values make it auspicious among the fruits among the tourists.

Tender Coconut:

Kerala got its name from Kera, which means coconut tree. A sip of coconut juice directly from a tender coconut is an angelic experience. So let the tourists have this eternal course,  in their visit to Kerala, with its high nutritional and medicinal value. No tourists should leave Kerala without having tasted this at least once. This is the most celebrated dish of Kerala for treating the visitors and garnishing their taste buds with sweet, memorable and rejuvenating flavor. The medicinal properties of the natural drink, has a rich content of minerals in comparison to the vegetables and fruit juices. It can be taken as a heartthrob juice energizing the travelers by instilling a memorable experience. The travelers to Kerala, make sure that they had the tender coconut water before leaving.


The yummy taste and amazing flavor of pineapple makes it very popular among the tourists of Kerala. The astonishing taste of pineapple can add a delicious touch to their travel. The travelers with pineapple dishes can have a garnished experience, making them hold up for the next visit to Kerala. It is a fruit promoting the digestion due to the presence of Bromelain. The pineapple pachady, the traditional food of Kerala is one among the popular dishes of tourists. Let the travelers have a heavenly time in Kerala, enjoying the food with pineapple, becoming the significant ingredient.  The travelers can have the health benefits of the fresh pineapple fruits served in Kerala.

Cashew Apple:

In Kerala, the tourists consume the fresh cashew apple served with utmost likeliness. The flesh of cashew apple is cottony and fibrous and juice with a unique sweet taste of citrus flavor, with which a person can have a unique experience. The juice of the cashew apple is liked most by the travelers. Let them have a sip of the fresh juice of the cashew apple. The nuts of it possess great value as a dry fruit. The fruits are also used in salads, making it rich and potent. The cultivators can provide with fresh fruits, that can enrich the dish served to the travelers. No one should part Kearala without tasting the cashew apple that is available in fresh. The health benefits and medicinal value of this fruit make it most familial among the tourists.

Let the travelers make no comprise on a visit to Kerala, without these five fruits in their menu. The travelers should have these fruits to make their dishes tasty as well their travel a memorable one with the sweet and fresh fruits in their tongue. Let them enjoy the cuisine of Kerala embellished with these fruits, making the health and visit enchanting.









The second innings in the Malayalam movie, actress Manju warrior, sweeped the heart of Kerala becoming the news maker of the year 2014 by a single movie How old are you” by Roshan Andrews. Many thought that the film conveyed the message of avoiding polluted vegetables, moreover, a vegetable garden of our own. Apart of this, there exists a strong hidden message in it. The character ‘Nirupama Rajeev’!

Manju 2

Yes, there is a Nirupama Rajeev in every woman. A strong, committed, sincere, bold and self oriented personality. These adjectives match less for the character, Nirupama. An ordinary wife, caring her husband, in-laws and daughter along with the job. There dwells a lot of woman of this category in India, especially in Kerala. Now we will focus on Kerala. Forgetting the colorful days of academia, the women in Kerala get absorbed into family life as a convention. Nirupama also does so.


How strongly do the women arbitrators wade away the fact of veiling the female in Indian society, it does exist as a commanding fact. Yet, the strength of women remains as a rocking naked truth. If we look into the history of the Indian culture we can see a series of instances displaying the strength of women. From the Vedic period, it is clearly described, how strong is a woman when circumstances around her turn otherwise. She never wishes to go for failures, but stand out from the failures as a phoenix bird.

Manju 1

Though this message was there in the film, How old are you, it went away with the message of preserving the nature and the natural products from disasters. But it has sincerely depicted the picture of a wife and mother, who was left alone at one instance. The daughter and husband left her for the reason she fainted in front of Indian President, on an invitation to a breakfast with him. When she became alone, she realized the potential with her and reinforced her potentiality in a simple manner by battling the hazards inflicted on  the nature as a whole. This is where a woman can act, and remind the society of her power.


An ordinary woman with no backups is struggling against the manipulations in the society is the focus of the film. By overcoming lots of setbacks in her battle to preserve the nature, at last she was invited to Rashtrapathi Bhavan by the President of India to thank her and give her a treat as a respect to her accomplishment of making the society aware of the damages of using pesticides. From there she makes a call to her friend- “This is Nirupama Rajeev, calls from Rashtrapathi Bhavan,” where a boldness is clearly sketched in her sound. There is a Nirupama Rajeev in every woman in Kerala. Let her be independent and come out of the limitations. She can do miracles. Let Kerala see the miraculous events created by the bold female category

Watch Bahubali…

  1. If you think women characters can be fighters… and not only eye candy…
  2. If you believe women were respected and center of Power in Ancient India…

Most power scene showcasing the power of women 3.    If you love period movies and want to see our very own…Troy .

4.   Because the first song is none other than Shiva taandav stotram, and its awesome…

5. For the war strategy, Trishul Vyuh, Chakravyuhs, and war cry in Sanskrit…

6. If you love animals and believe that sacrifice of animal should not be done…

7. If you love seeing saffron flags unfurling…

Movie displaying a lot of Sanatana Symbolism 8.  If you think any Indian movie can earn 50 corers in a day, without dose of fake secularism and disrespecting Hindu Gods.

9. Amazing ancient Indian Architecture… monumental Viharas and Rathas, in front of which all Mughal structures will look ordinary…

10. For the Grand Interiors, and believe me those are jaw dropping…

11. For the best cinematography ever done in Indian Cinema…!

Breath taking visuals

There are very few clips and elements with Bollywood touch, but Magnum Opus on silver screen will blow you away in no time!

Go…Watch with your entire family and specially kids. Show them that we were not losers as portrayed in NCERT books and we had great warriors, strategy and structures. Indian daughters were not what BBC wanted to display as stereotyped, but were the power centers.

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Look Stylish In Fleece

fleece 2 fleece 4fleece 5

Fleece Jackets came forth from the merging of sheep wool and synthetic fibers. Nowadays in the market, it is popularly called as “fleece”. It is the breathtaking feature that made the fleece a fast moving stylish product. The wool component in it makes the body of the user warm and the man-made fibers used in its manufacturing help in holding it. The attractive features of Fleece Jackets are it is lightweight, warm, comfy affordability and the stylish look. Fleeces are available suiting different seasons.

Manufacturers of fleece jacket for men or women are revolving round in producing more variety of fleece jackets in various colors and designs. Its style drifts from jackets used during ski to outerwear camping. The wrists, collars, wind flaps, zippers and pockets give the fleece a unique style that differ it from any other jacket. This makes it a running product, even making an entry into the business world, attracting people with no age bar.



The scientist, moreover an apt politician with a humanitarian approach is no more, leaving behind fond memories of uplifting India to the peak of brilliance.  It was he who answered the question put forward by the BBC to the top most VIPs of the world stunning them with applauses. The question was “ How will you describe your birthday?”. The answer was so simple from APJ, “it was the only day when my mother laughed seeing me crying”. Yes, it is true. That will be the only day when each mother will laugh out of happiness seeing her baby crying. This was accepted by the BBC as the most worthy answer.


He had a clear vision of how India would be by 2020. It will be one of the  commanding nation of the world. His presidential period was full of events including the most disastrous event of Indian history ‘The Gujarat Tragedy’. But the decisions at that crucial time from the Rashtrapathi Bhavan was stern and brilliant to maintain and bring back harmony among people. His life was a single man show. Through high efforts he made the Rashtrapathi Bhavan so near to the people of India. This was a unique feature of this Rashtrapathy, which was different from that of others in this field.

He was the inspiration of the youth around the world. His target was the new generation as they are the holders of the future of each nation. He always stood for religious harmony. Being the 11th President of India, he was always proud to be part of the rich Indian culture. He is no more, but his contributions to the society will reveal his presence eternally.

He said “ A book equals hundreds of good friends, but a good friend eaquals a library.”

As an Indian we should salute him.


Content Writing

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Content Writing

A content writing can be described as ” a creation of different text in various forms like articles, website content, notes, reviews, blogs etc”. A content writer should have a good writing skill and understand the wed world.

A content is the crucial part that decides the fate of a website.The quality and quantity of a content gets your website top listed in search engines.The freshness and uniqueness of the content keeps your website top listed .Continues  updates will keep up the freshness on your website and that will increase the number of visitor on your site.

The content of your website decides your quality , publicity , search engine ranking and your exposure in the Global  Market.

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Tips to Post Your Blog Efficiently

To post a blog is not a big thing but to post a blog efficiently is not a child’s play. People post their blog so

blog post tipsthat more people come to know about them. But what’s the use of a blog if your blog hardly reaches the people. Here are 10 tips which will help your blog reach a wider range of people.

Blog Posting tips

  • Start with the Title

Consider the first you look at a human, your makes a contact with his/her eye and then you scan them from top to bottom , similar is the procedure followed when look at a blog. So start with the title portion. Your title is what a person looks at. Hence follow a title that gives a brief description about your blog. It would be additional advantage if you choose a keyword based title.

  • Use header tags

Once the title portion is complete, give subheadings to your blogs, let’s say use header tags like h2 and h3. Remember the priority of the header tags decreases as the number increases. People always prefer split contents rather than big paragraphs.

The most important part to be followed while writing the content is to avoid duplicated contents. You may not be a professional writer; nothing to worry you can still have a content of your own. Consult any professional writer and you can make changes accordingly. Try to include the keywords in your content.

  • The inbound links

Getting an inbound link for your site through your blogs is a way to boost the page rank of your site. So when possible try to include the inbound links for your site in your blogs. At the same time the content quantity must match up with the number of inbound links you are using because when the content gets less and the number of links is more, Google bots find it difficult to crawl your content.

  • Highlight the words with bold

There is a belief that Google bots are attracted towards bold letters, well we don’t know about that, but we can say about humans. Humans do pay attention to bold letters in a paragraph.

  • Social sharing

Share your posts publicly with a small description followed by a hash tag. Share it in social medias like face book, twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and other accounts where you can get maximum visits for your site.

  •  Insert an Image

Insert a meaningful image to your website which has high clarity can also get you some clients who look at the pictures rather than words. It’s because you know, a picture speaks thousand words.

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