Home is the most important asset of an individual’s life. When a person is with a home, he or she will feel the security in the community and the easiness in forwarding the life further. The young generation tells about the settlement of their life. By this, they mean about having a home of their own, marriage, etc. so the prime preference goes to home here also.

A home means not just a building structure. A building becomes a home, only when the life of the people within is meaningful and happy. To make the life within the home meaningful, lot of factors impart its influence on the people living there. Color is a vibrant tool influencing the people. So when painting the house, be cautious enough to choose colours suitable for each room. These colours have influence over the behaviour of mass living there, their mood changes, well-being, and their energy level. Putting it altogether, it assigns its impact on all aspects of life of the people occupying the home.

Complex colours in the exterior or interior of home attract a high-profile group:

Using complex colours for the interior and exterior of the house will attract the civilized crowd. Complex colours here, do mean with a name consisting of more than one name. Instead, if using simple colours, it will attract the middle or lower class people. Our society is covered with a myth that simple colours will go for lower budgets.


Make smaller rooms appear bigger:

Small rooms are very common in our society. Still, big rooms are in the dreams of every person. So to figure out your small room as a big room paints can do a magical play. You can also make it luxurious and get satisfied with it.

White colour has a mysterious effect on the room, making it appear as if bigger than its actual size. However, everyone will not be comfortable with white colour as it casts a dull appearance. So go for other light and bright colours like bright pink shade, sea green, peach, lavender, blue, etc. Beyond this, special techniques are to be employed while using light colours for small rooms:


  • Use only one colour for one room. Don’t embed the room with many colours.
  •  The accessories and furniture used in small rooms should be complimenting to the colour used in the walls, which will give it a big appearance. Using contrasting colours for the accessories and furniture of the room will give it a small appearance
  •  If the colour used in painting the walls is used in the ceilings, it will give an enlarged appearance in the room
  •  A room with low ceiling is to be painted vertically, while rooms narrow in appearance are to be painted horizontally
  •  If the flooring colour does match with the wall colours a room will appear to be big
  •  Lighting has a significant role to play in making the room look bigger. Using artificial lighting in important places in the room make the room appear bigger.
  •  Using mirrors, which reflects light, which is artificially designed into the room make it bigger in size. A long mirror in a horizontal direction, if attached to the wall of a small room will make the room appear bigger in size.

Colour suiting your kitchen and dinning room :

It is evident from the facts and experience that the red colour will increase the appetite of the people. So using red colour in the kitchen and dinning room will work out. Red and yellow colour will suit the kitchen the most. Apart from this, if you can select colours from your memories that could present a pleasant mood in you, will be the most suitable colour, which you can opt for your kitchen. While choosing red colour is very cautious. Look for your health. It is dangerous to go for red colour, which will augment the blood pressure.

red or yellow colour will suit your kitchen

Colour for bathrooms at home:

For bathrooms and bedrooms, choose a very relaxing colour. It is here you can relax the most, in a day. So if the colour of your bedroom goes in compliance with your mood, it will boost the effect caused by you. Choose the darker shades of relaxing colours. The effect will be more.

dark colours in bathrooms

Seasonal colours for home:

In winter make your home warm: In winter using yellow colour paint or orange paint or red shades in the exterior and interior of the home will warm it up and will present the people with a welcoming look.

In the summer go for colours which can make your home look clean, cool and fresh. It is suggested to opt for blue colour in summer, which will provide a fresh look and make your home cooler.


Colour for working room or office in your home:

For your workout room, go for a colour combination of blue and green, which will give you a relaxing environment. To make you vibrant, then prefer a combination of yellow and blue paint. For the office room in your home, select green. Green colour improves the concentration in the work you do. Going for the green colour in the office room, don’t over do it. It will cause only adverse effects, instead of positive effects.

working room with blue and green

Colour for the portico of your home:

As yellow is the optimistic colour, prefer it for the porch or portico or in an entry way of your home. Purple is the colour of romanticism and wealth. But the fact is that actual purple colour is not available. So it can be done with mixing natural colours.

Portico of a house painted in purple

Pink is the appropriate colour which can be used in rooms used for meditation or exercise. This colour is having a calm impact. Go for orange colour in a room accommodating sick people, especially with asthma patients. It helps in improving the function of the lungs and gives the asthma patients a relief. When implementing the colour psychology in your home first look at the nature. For the interior of home, choose the blended natural colours that appear in the nature. For the exterior of the home choose bright colours.


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