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The second innings in the Malayalam movie, actress Manju warrior, sweeped the heart of Kerala becoming the news maker of the year 2014 by a single movie How old are you” by Roshan Andrews. Many thought that the film conveyed the message of avoiding polluted vegetables, moreover, a vegetable garden of our own. Apart of this, there exists a strong hidden message in it. The character ‘Nirupama Rajeev’!

Manju 2

Yes, there is a Nirupama Rajeev in every woman. A strong, committed, sincere, bold and self oriented personality. These adjectives match less for the character, Nirupama. An ordinary wife, caring her husband, in-laws and daughter along with the job. There dwells a lot of woman of this category in India, especially in Kerala. Now we will focus on Kerala. Forgetting the colorful days of academia, the women in Kerala get absorbed into family life as a convention. Nirupama also does so.


How strongly do the women arbitrators wade away the fact of veiling the female in Indian society, it does exist as a commanding fact. Yet, the strength of women remains as a rocking naked truth. If we look into the history of the Indian culture we can see a series of instances displaying the strength of women. From the Vedic period, it is clearly described, how strong is a woman when circumstances around her turn otherwise. She never wishes to go for failures, but stand out from the failures as a phoenix bird.

Manju 1

Though this message was there in the film, How old are you, it went away with the message of preserving the nature and the natural products from disasters. But it has sincerely depicted the picture of a wife and mother, who was left alone at one instance. The daughter and husband left her for the reason she fainted in front of Indian President, on an invitation to a breakfast with him. When she became alone, she realized the potential with her and reinforced her potentiality in a simple manner by battling the hazards inflicted on  the nature as a whole. This is where a woman can act, and remind the society of her power.


An ordinary woman with no backups is struggling against the manipulations in the society is the focus of the film. By overcoming lots of setbacks in her battle to preserve the nature, at last she was invited to Rashtrapathi Bhavan by the President of India to thank her and give her a treat as a respect to her accomplishment of making the society aware of the damages of using pesticides. From there she makes a call to her friend- “This is Nirupama Rajeev, calls from Rashtrapathi Bhavan,” where a boldness is clearly sketched in her sound. There is a Nirupama Rajeev in every woman in Kerala. Let her be independent and come out of the limitations. She can do miracles. Let Kerala see the miraculous events created by the bold female category