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Indian Space Research Organisation is now in a successful consecutive launching process. Now it was successful in putting 5 satellites of UK in appropriate orbits within 20 minutes after its launch the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota at 9.58 pm on the 10th of July. The satellites include three identical DMC3 optical earth observation satellites, an auxiliary earth observation micro satellite (CBNT-1) and one technology demonstrator nano satellite (De-Orbit Sail), built by SSTL.

The PSLV-C 28 lifts off a mass of 320 tons of four satellites with it. The mission was a challenging one. Innovative technologies implemented with it, made it successful in its task.  New designs incorporating an L-adopter, a circular launcher adaptor and Multiple Satellite Adapter-Version 2 (MSA-V2), which is a triangular deck, were realized by ISRO to surmount the tough mission of merging the 3 similar DMC3 satellites each with 3 m of height with the existing payload to the launcher. The three satellites DMC3-3, DMC3-2 and DMC3-1 are the name of these above mentioned three satellites, weighing 320 tones. An optical Earth Observation technology, micro satellite manufactured by SSTL, named CBNT-1, and of weight 91 kg and a 7 kg De-orbit Sail from Surrey Space Center is an experimental nano satellite for demonstration of large thin membrane sail is the other one mounted with PSLV-C28. The total weight of carrying by the PSLV-C28 comes to about 1,440 kg.

This venture of ISRO be called as a commercial mission underpinning the ISRO in the name of space Industry globally and proved to be an overwhelming focus on its foreign exchange wage earner of the country.



Mission Possible For India

Proud moment

Indeed Indians are proud sons of their Mom’s but this time the whole of India is proud of only one MOM, the Mars Orbiter Mission spacecraft, also known as Mangalyaan. When Mangalyaan made its successful launch in Mars the Indians celebrated this moment. With the successful launch of less cost Mars Orbiter spacecraft India managed to obtain its name with the list of giant nations such as United states, Russia and the Europe in successfully sending  probes to orbit or land on Mars. Mangalyaan-Left-Earth-Orbit All about Mangalyaan

India’s space program was launched in the early 1960’s. Later they developed their  own rocket technology after the western powers imposed sanctions for a nuclear weapon test in 1974.  The MOM mission concept began with a feasibility study in 2010, after the launch of lunar satellite Chandrayaan-1 in 2008. The Indian government approved the project on 3 August 2012, after the Indian Space Research Organisation completed US$21 million of required studies for the orbiter.

Mangalyaan was launched into Earth orbit on 5 November 2013 by ISRO.It was successfully inserted into Mars orbit on 24 September 2014, creating history for INDIA and making it the first nation to send a satellite into Mars orbit on its first attempt. On 25th September Mangalyaan sends its  first set of pictures of the Red Planet’s surface. The spacecraft has sent back high quality images of Mars hours after it successfully entered the Red Planet’s orbit on Wednesday.

History Created 

With such an impressive engineering feat everyone welcomed India to the family of nations studying facet of the Red Planet. India created space history on Wednesday by becoming the only and first Asian country to reach Mars and the first in the world to place a spacecraft in the Red Planet’s orbit in the maiden attempt. No words of appreciation is enough for the great efforts taken by the Indian scientists. They have really made each and every individual proud. Salute to the great brains behind the Mangalyaan project. Once again India has shown to the world that we Indians are quite talented.

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