Absolutely not, anything special around Nivin Pauly. Nivin Pauly possesses a pure malayali appearance merged with a perfect body language. It is these simple features made him a hero in Malayalam films. The characters he had chosen for acting is another factor. He had chosen nothing special, but characters that a quite malayali guy will have in his own life at some time or the other. His responses to each action are similar to those reactions of a familiar malayali, around us. So we see Nivin Pauly or his characters, in our everyday life. This familiarity puts us around him, making us a fan of him. The malayali girls or ladies, where ever they are grown, are with a malayali touch hidden in them. It is this hidden feature, which make them so enthusiastic about Nivin Pauly. They see their husband, lover, brother or son in him. He peculiarly doesn’t put them away from their expectations about him when choosing the films and characters in it. With no exaggerations, he puts the characters with a realistic performance on the screen. The native touch in every costume that he puts up with made him get a whole hearted welcome from a malayali home. His serious look, his smile, his talk, his emotions in eyes speaks of a normal malayali. Let him do the same with requisite alterations at time when it needs.

nivin 4



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