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The first Defense Park of India is to get unveiled at Ottapalam. The purpose of Defense Park is to manufacture all varieties of components of defense establishments. This would be a reality after the ‘in-principle’ approval of the same from the part of Central Government. The project account, of the Defense Park was initiated and submitted by KINFRA. This project won over the approval of DIPP, a department under the commerce wing of the ministry.

The KINFRA is with a good planning regarding the project of Defense Park. The MD of KINFRA, Mr. Gopala Pillai, expressed a summarized plan of the components aiming to be manufactured in the initial stage and the way of transporting it to the arena of its requirements. They agree with an outset idea of the project within one year and approach the maximum level of its functioning between two years of duration. The products manufactured here, in the prime stage include, parachutes, diving suits night vision equipment, flying suits etc. KINFRA is with an aim to export its products through Karippur, the Nedumbassery, and Coimbatore airports and by way of the Vallarpadom container terminal.

Indeed, our defense services manufacture, nearly 6000 units’ goods, it meets only 25% of the requirements of the Indian Defense Force. For the rest, India is depending on the imported items. This is putting a huge financial impact on India’s reserves. By reducing the imports, nearly 8% of growth can be achieved creating nearly 1.2 lakh of jobs.



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