Rishi Raj Singh


An IPS officer hailing from Rajasthan took charge as Transport Commissioner in Kerala, as the Transport Commissioner in June 2013. Kerala at this point of time was really an accident prone area. After taking charge, he made a thorough study of the series of accidents in Kerala and made it mandatory to use seat belts in four- wheelers and helmets in two wheelers. He was aware of the risk of youth, driving with over speed and drunken. This was applicable not only to the youth but to the people with no age bar. He was harshly inflexible in applying the traffic rules. Even penal actions were taken against those breaking the traffic rules. In extreme cases, the license was cancelled. The outcome was amazing! The road accidents were reduced by half. Now, habitually a person driving a car uses his seat belts along with those in front seats accompanying the driver, whoever it may be.  The two- wheelers started using helmets. Even in films, this is the case. All the politicians, public supported him.

But as usual, the politicians reverted, when Rishi Raj Singh discovered the stealing of electricity by a private business group for their own use and the Anti Power Theft Squad serving under the Vigilance wing made a move against them, which ultimately ended by Singh, he was instantly removed from the post. Rishi Raj Singh was the Punjabi, who removed his turban in an incident of rescuing an injured boy. If this is the position of such an honorable man, then imagine the position of a common man. How will he react against the malpractices, it is beyond his imagination!


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