dry eyes

Nowadays people suffer from dry eye due to their exhausting work in computers or due to their nature of working milieu. Either the employees may be sitting in an environment cooled by an air- conditioner or they may be sitting under a fan. Dry eye is common among the workers in the computers  for long hours. The eyes get dry due to the deficiency of tears. There are many reasons for the tears in eye getting exhausted. The primary reason is the radiation from the computer, or because of the  use of excess anomalous light for working with the computer.

Here in Kerala, the hereditary home remedies are effective in curing this difficulty, which can be done in our own home easily. It suggests using coconut oil on head before bathe, not to sleep in cots augmenting body temperature, before taking a sleep use castor oil of 10 drops in both ears and use cotton to keep our eyes closed while sleeping.

Persons having a severe problem of the dry eye should go for another effective treatment using Aloe Vera and curd. Take 50gm of Aloe Vera gel and 50 mg of curd, mix it well and take on this product for consecutive three days a week. Continue this treatment until you get a relief from the dry eye difficulty.


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