Follow four rules before you drink water, which would save you from 100 diseases.

Don’t have water immediately after taking food or while having food. When we start chewing food, in Ayurveda it is specified that fire is burst in our digestive tract to digest it. So if we have water immediately after food, which does not go with fire, it set off the fire needed to digest the food reaching the stomach. So the food remains there undigested for days spreading various poisons causing diseases. You can have water before food, just 40 minutes before or 1 hour after food. You can have buttermilk or lime juice or fruit juice or curd before or after food. But focus on having fruit juice after break fast, lime juice or butter milk after lunch and milk or water after one hour of supper.

  1. Drink water sip by sip. It more beneficial than to take water wholly. Even the birds and animals follow this principle.
  2. Don’t have cool drinks or water cooled in refrigerators. This will upset your stomach, as the temperature of the water and the body doesn’t get balanced. It’s very difficult for the body to increase the temperature of the water inside the stomach.
  3. Have two to three glasses of water daily once you get up and before washing your face. It is due to the reason to take in the saliva secreted in our mouth to the stomach. This saliva is an amazing content with miraculous effects on removing the acidity and clears your stomach. This saliva when mixed with water, have the capacity to increase the pressure in large intestine with in 3 to 4 minutes you will be free of all the wastes in body secreted in large intestine.

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