5 Fruits you must try when you visit Kerala

                          5 Fruits you must try when you visit Kerala

Kerala, rich in fresh fruits with hospitable  natives is truly travelers’ paradise. Distinctly spotting, the main asset of God’s Own Country as a tourist’s podium is the blissful scenario and the delicious dishes. The tourists are very much concerned of the fresh veggies and a variety of fruits feasible in Kerala. We will have a look into some of five significant fruits which the travelers should try in special, when in Kerala.


Kerala has the blissful bunch of varieties of mangoes. Let the travelers enjoy the taste, nutrition and even the smell and sight of the king of fruits, when visiting Kerala. The variety of mangoes available in Kerala range from small ball-sized Ping- Pong mangoes to big ones coming to half a KG in weight, showing its unique taste, smell and texture. Let the tourists embellish their visit to Kerala with a gastronomical voyage through the most spectacular natural scenery with the tasty  mangoes in their dishes.

Let the travels, enjoy the tasty mango salads, juices, jam, and chutneys which are fat-free, cholesterol free, low calorie diet rich in vitamins, fiber content and antioxidants. The tourists can never have this outside Kerala.

Jack Fruit:

The jack fruits available in Kerala, make the travelers cheerful. The fleshy content inside is extremely tasty and intensely sweet. An unripe jack fruit can be cooked like a non-vegetarian dish. The ripe jack fruit with its pulp, colored yellow, have a unique deliciousness. It’s difficult to explain its taste as it is a blend of the taste of banana, pineapple and lychee. In jack fruits, varieties are available based on the difference in the texture of the pulp inside. The aromatic, flavorful and succulent pulp is eaten fresh. It is used for preparation of jams, canned products, chutneys, candies, and chips. The pear-shaped honeyed fruit can shoot up your energy with no fat. Its rich nutritional, mineral and medicinal values make it auspicious among the fruits among the tourists.

Tender Coconut:

Kerala got its name from Kera, which means coconut tree. A sip of coconut juice directly from a tender coconut is an angelic experience. So let the tourists have this eternal course,  in their visit to Kerala, with its high nutritional and medicinal value. No tourists should leave Kerala without having tasted this at least once. This is the most celebrated dish of Kerala for treating the visitors and garnishing their taste buds with sweet, memorable and rejuvenating flavor. The medicinal properties of the natural drink, has a rich content of minerals in comparison to the vegetables and fruit juices. It can be taken as a heartthrob juice energizing the travelers by instilling a memorable experience. The travelers to Kerala, make sure that they had the tender coconut water before leaving.


The yummy taste and amazing flavor of pineapple makes it very popular among the tourists of Kerala. The astonishing taste of pineapple can add a delicious touch to their travel. The travelers with pineapple dishes can have a garnished experience, making them hold up for the next visit to Kerala. It is a fruit promoting the digestion due to the presence of Bromelain. The pineapple pachady, the traditional food of Kerala is one among the popular dishes of tourists. Let the travelers have a heavenly time in Kerala, enjoying the food with pineapple, becoming the significant ingredient.  The travelers can have the health benefits of the fresh pineapple fruits served in Kerala.

Cashew Apple:

In Kerala, the tourists consume the fresh cashew apple served with utmost likeliness. The flesh of cashew apple is cottony and fibrous and juice with a unique sweet taste of citrus flavor, with which a person can have a unique experience. The juice of the cashew apple is liked most by the travelers. Let them have a sip of the fresh juice of the cashew apple. The nuts of it possess great value as a dry fruit. The fruits are also used in salads, making it rich and potent. The cultivators can provide with fresh fruits, that can enrich the dish served to the travelers. No one should part Kearala without tasting the cashew apple that is available in fresh. The health benefits and medicinal value of this fruit make it most familial among the tourists.

Let the travelers make no comprise on a visit to Kerala, without these five fruits in their menu. The travelers should have these fruits to make their dishes tasty as well their travel a memorable one with the sweet and fresh fruits in their tongue. Let them enjoy the cuisine of Kerala embellished with these fruits, making the health and visit enchanting.







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