One year of Modi Sarkar

A significant year has passed away since the Narendra Modi government led by BJP assumed power in the state. An evaluation of the governance reflects both the positive and negative sides. The very first step enacted by Modi to invite the SAARC leaders at his swearing ceremony as the Prime Minister of India deserves appreciation. The political scenario in India was unsatisfactory when Modi started his official journey. Economic insecurity and inflation were at the peak, portraying a corrupted and inert government. A drastic change was inevitable! The history of Modi as the Chief Minister of Gujarat and his reformations were strong enough to build hope and admiration in the minds of millions, on what the Modi government has to do for the nation. Their expectations were too high. Luckily the opposition to the UPA government and the lowering global energy prices gave a stunning launch to the NDA government.


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People’s faith in the ruling power was slowly rising. One of the major achievements of this government is that Indian political structure was made more transparent. The execution of administrative works, the overall governance, foreign policies, pet schemes are all commendable. Popular programs like Swachh Bharath Mission, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana, the ‘Make in India ‘ campaign for job seekers, the ‘Soil health card scheme’ to increase farm productivity, the ‘One rank one pension ‘ scheme etc. are the highlights of Modi government.

Experts recognize Narendra Modi as an ‘economic pragmatist’. He succeeded in bringing India to international attention through various measures in foreign policy and steps taken against increasing prices, poverty, food inflation etc. At the anniversary celebrations, the Prime Minister said, “the world is optimistic about India and is enthusiastic about exploring the opportunities India has to offer”. The government is wholly dedicated to the poor, the farmers and the youth. Setting up IIT’s, IIM’s, AIIMS, smart cities,  vaccination coverage to children, toilet facilities in schools, 24 hours electricity, drinking water and internet connectivity in villages, social security for the common man by opening bank accounts, educational scholarships through Pradhan Mantri Vidyalakshmi Karyakram are some areas of remarkable focus. The Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley complimented the quick decision- making ability of the Modi government in various matters of concern.

The major flaw of the government lies in delivering to the many promises and announcements made in the beginning. The ‘one rank one pension scheme’ itself is a typical example. It has also been identified that progress and commitments in the field of education, job creation and encouragement to young entrepreneurs were negligible during the last year. Health coverage to all people, amendments to be made in land acquisition laws etc. still remain as daydreams. Rationalization of subsidies has barely begun. Lack of majority in Rajya Sabha is another limitation in passing out bills. Moreover the very radical ideas and projects demand lots of funds.

But it is an indisputable fact that our Prime Minister has dealt with many challenging situations in the country and his reformations and practices are genuine and praiseworthy. In a letter to the nation he wrote, “Friends, this is just the beginning. Our objective is to transform quality of life, infrastructure and services”. Constant and sincere efforts are being made in attaining the goal. Another great year awaits Modi government.

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