Book Review: Half Girlfriend

Written by the most influential Indian author, Chetan Bhagath is the author of bestselling novels in the country and Half Girlfriend is the most awaited book of the year 2014 for the Indians.

Chetan Bhgath has a unique style which focuses on youth, career and national issues. His novels pass on a message to its readers and hence his novels are highly appreciated.

His latest novel Half girlfriend is on release. It is the love story of a young Bihari boy Madhav Jha who falls in love with the beautiful and rich Delhi Girl Riya Somani. Both of them get selected in one of the top colleges of the country through sports quota. However Madhav Jha struggles to deal with the students and the staffs because of his bad English language. But keeping the barriers aside he falls in love with Riya on their very first meet. Love at first sight can be said. Now Madhav wants Riya to become his girlfriend but Riya has her own plans. For Riya, Madhav is only her best friend. Riya marry’s her childhood friend Rohan, who runs big business in London.

Riya and her memories leave a huge impact on Madhav Jha such that he decides to leave Delhi even after getting placed in a high paid salary job. He decides to settle in Bihar, helping his mother in running the school.  But destiny has some other plans for Madhav Jha. Madhav meets Riya after a long gap in Patna and this time Riya hangs up with Madhav Jha for a longer time, but when Riya finally falls for Madhav, Madhavs mother interferes between their love and Riya disappears from Madhavs life forever. As Madhav narrates his love story to the writer Mr. Chetan Bhagath, he understands why Riya went away from him. Now Madhav searches for his Half Girlfriend in the city of New York. Read the novel to know whether Madhav finds Riya. Do they get along with each other?  What made Riya to go away from Madhav’s life forever?

The story displays the modern relationship where the educated girls hesitate to be in relationship with non speaking English guys. Indeed we know English is important in one’s career life but in relationship, is it? What say you?

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