Education In India- A Necessity

Education In India

A child without education is like a bird without wings, famous and repeatedly heard yet how many of us go in depth of its meaning?

A wise and knowledgeable person is respected everywhere in the world despite its caste, creed or religion. But not everyone understands the depth of education. The people of rural India have their own explanation for not sending their children to school. For them education is nothing but expensive. Sending a child to school is like a burden and a waste of time. Well then if education is expensive try ignorance.

One must educate the illiterate minds that the purpose of education lays not only in creating careers but also in creating minds. Education is that powerful tool which changes the whole world. It is because of illiteracy that is affecting the healthcare system of India as illiteracy breeds ignorance and ignorance affects the health.

We live in an ever changing world. The world we see today is not the same tomorrow. People change, technology changes and so the world. Educated people keep up with the world while the uneducated ones are left behind.

The survey conducted by the government of India shows that the largest numbers of uneducated people live a poverty stricken life. Hence education is important for the economic growth. The countries with high literacy rates have high per capita income. The improved education system of India is cited as one of the main contributors to its economic development. The education of women plays a significant role in improving the living standards in the country. India which is on its way to become the next economic super power cannot happen overnight. Sustained efforts on the part of educationists are required as education is the only key to a better India.

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