Deepavali , The Festival Of Lights

Deepavali is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated all over India which signifies the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. Deepavali or Diwali is the celebration of light. These lights when they remove darkness bring an enduring joy and happiness in every house.


Happiness and celebrations bring people together and Deepavali is an epitome of it. Considered as a Hindu festival, every Indian becomes a part of the celebration without any difference between the rich and poor, caste and religion. When people share sweets among each other, they share their happiness and brotherhood.

Dressing up in new clothes, lighting up the diyas, participating in family pooja, interesting fireworks, delicious sweets and the exchanging of gifts, when you think of it, you will feel like celebrating it every day.  Celebrated only once in a year, the celebration also marks the beginning of New year.

This celebration which shows the glory and light of god to the whole world explains that even happiness can be found even on the darkest of times, if one turns on the light.  Let the light of Diwali shine every day.

May this Diwali glow with peace, joy and prosperity in every house.  Happy Diwali.

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