Gandhi : The One Man Army

Mahatma Gandhi

Where there is love, there is life. Indeed Mahatma Gandhi was a man for himself. The man of love. The man who even loved his enemies.  He was against the sin yet he loved the sinner.


Gandhi was the man of truth and Non-violence. He considered truth to be the god of every god. His life was an epitome of his simplicity. The one man army, who brought freedom to India through non violence with the support of thousands of Indians.  Dandi march, Quit India Movement were just a few among the various successful movements conducted. He was the preeminent leader of Indian Independence Movement in British ruled India.

He always stood for the service of others and showed the real meaning of life through his living.  His thoughts and quotes are world famous. His powerful words had inspired people in the past and have been inspiring many even now.

As his greatness spread across the country, he was crowned as the Father of our nation by the people. Unfortunately his fame was not treasured by some and it was one such rebel, Nathuram Godse who assassinated Bapu on 30th January 1948 firing bullets into his chest. To this day, his birthday 2nd October is commemorated as Gandhi Jayanthi and worldwide as International Day of Non- Violence.

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