Teachers’ are the best minds in the country

The Teachers Day

The teacher’s day is on the spot and I hope every student will take this opportunity to thank your favorite teacher for his/her continuous support. But do you really think remembering your teacher just a day will cheer them up? In fact any amount of thanks you say to your teacher wouldn’t be enough. For a teacher nothing would make them happy unless they find their students in an admirable position.

Happy Teacher's Day

Teachers play a crucial role in shaping the lives of students because the art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. They say “behind every successful man there is a woman” and I say behind “every student’s success there is the training of a teacher”. No matter how much hard work you have done and however brilliant you are but ultimately a portion of the credit of your success always goes to your teacher as it is them who taught you the first lessons of your success. Sometimes more than your parents or your friends support you might find your teacher working hard for you to accomplish your dreams.

When I say a teacher some of you might come up with the notion of someone who keeps that long stick with them to teach the students in schools and high schools. A teacher not necessary to be found only in a teaching institute, a teacher sometimes can be your parents, your colleague or even your friend. 

The teachers’ day is celebrated in remembrance of India’s best teacher who happened to be the most influential twentieth-century scholar Dr Radhakrishnan.  This highly appraised professor always believed that “teachers are the best minds in the country” and it is in his remembrance his birthday is celebrated in India as Teachers Day on 5 September.

Today when the nation celebrates teacher’s day to commemorate the greatest teacher let’s take this moment to express our gratitude over our teachers who had bearded us these long years only to see us in higher position.

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