Friendship is Awesome

Friendship is Awesome

A day to call up your friend and wish them “Happy friendship day”.  But if you take a closer view, you will find that you only tend to call those friends on this day with whom you have cut short your contact when you got busy in your life. Perhaps Friendship day is never meant to be celebrated with the dear ones because every day spent with those lovable idiots is a friendship day. Then why such a day marks an important day in the calendar. When people get busy in their life, they happen to lose contact with their buddies. But then there’s one thing about these buddies, no matter however busy, however far you are from your best friend, you never tend to forget them in your life, because it is them who made your life wonderful and colorful.

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Man, no matter however egotistic he is, will go against the whole world for his friend. Friendship is that bond where most things happen like you quarrel the most, fight the most, exchange the most, and get into controversies, yet you won’t break this bond just because they are your friends. People believe good friends are hard to find, because a good friend will only allow you to do good things in your life. Well that sounds like you are not making good friends rather you are looking for a mentor.

There’s always fun in getting a friend who stands by you in doing mischievous things and when you are caught for your malicious activity there will be whole lot of people to blame you, criticize you, advise you, but your friend will always be there beside you only to cheer you and it is them whom we call as true friends.

It is much better to have few real friends than to have thousand fake ones. The excitement in getting new friends is like trying a new recipe. You don’t know whether it will be good or bad until you taste it, but once when you have tasted it even though it’s bad you still have to finish it because you had made for yourself. Indeed friendship has that strength which binds people together inspite of countless differences between them.

On this friendship day, get yourself attached with your best friend and convey them how much they matter to you. It always feels wonderful to have friends in your life,  that’s why they say friendship is awesome.

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