2 months of Modi Government

Narendra Modi Government

Its quite natural that human beings get excited on getting new things, be it a dress, or visiting a new place or meeting new people, there’s always an excitation in discovering new things. But this time it has turned over to politics, even the women who run in the opposite direction on hearing politics, have  a major contribution in bringing up the new government. Yes the Modi Government, it has been in the news since the election was declared and to this day it completes its 2 months successfully.


Well the win over the UPA government was a historic one which shows this time the people are not deviated from their motto and there’s only one motto for all, the motto for a change, a change for good. It seems like everyone was longing for a changed India. Now is the time, time for Modi sarkar to bring up changed India from scammed  India to skilled India. As the 15th prime minister of India completes his 2 months, lets have a glimpse over the Modi Government to bring about many changes in terms of governance.

Inviting SAARC leaders for his swearing-in ceremony was indeed a brilliant idea to maintain peace with the neighboring nations. While the government’s decision not to give reservation to Muslims came as a shocker, on the other hand it can also be considered as a way to maintain equality among all religions. The first one month of this new government is characterized by dynamism, notwithstanding controversies.

Though there were many bouquets and brickbats in this short period of time. The Narendra Modi government successfully completed one-month in office. The NDA government presented its maiden Budget on 10 July 2014. Given the fact that the Budget was prepared within 45 days of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s assumption of office, it has been hailed as a progressive one.

The prime ministers visit to BRICS summit made India  the first chairman of the newly-set up BRICS bank. Narendra Modi who is well praised for his economic policies is all set to bring up the changed India. As he continues with his government the people of India will only have words to say, we trust you, save India, save nation. Bring on the change.

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