Save The Girl Child

Save The Girl

India has the second largest population in the world and it is a known fact to all the people. Now it seems like the society is trying hard to reduce the number, but how? The brutal society targets the girl child for reducing the number, but why, why only girls? The largest democratic country in the world has some evil people who kill baby girl. If you ask these cold blooded people the reason for killing the girl child, they will come up with some of the wicked reasons. Traditions and cultural beliefs in India are resulting in the slaughter of girls, often before they’re even born. Even if they bring her out of mother’s protection, they are deprived of all the basic necessities like education which on the other hand is compelled for the boy. It’s just because they think girls are of no use in future. These sick people think educating a girl is like wasting their money. Even if the girls are educated they are not allowed to do the job, it’s like they have been made to spend their life in the kitchen. Also when its marriage time they consider it as a big burden to get the girl married. Now who is to be blamed for these dumb activities?

girl child

Never in the constitution of India it is written that the girls should not be educated, nowhere it is written that the girls must not go for the job, neither it is written that the girl must be married by paying huge dowry to the boys family. Rather the country excessively supports for the girls education. They provide reservation for the girls in various job posts and the country is strictly against the dowry thing.

Now let me ask you what difference you make out between a girl and a boy child. Tell me that one thing that the boys can do and the girls cannot. In this challenging world there is nothing that the girls cannot do. In fact I believe women are a tough competition to men. Stop for a moment and think of a world without a girl. Ever thought the girl child you are killing could be someone’s wife, someone’s mother and someone’s daughter. Imagine if all the girls are killed who will give birth to your future generation, who will take care of them. Mother earth will be left with no people.

A girl is the creator of the world. With her end, the whole world ends. When you kill a girl you kill many others. You must realize that every new born baby is a god’s gift, his opinion of showing that the world must go on. One should never forget that it is from a woman that a man is born. A man who truly understands the bondage between a mother and a child will never kill a girl. Take care of these little angels who are quickly disappearing for there is no world without them because a woman is a universe within herself.

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