Happy Doctor’s Day

National Doctor’s Day

We are so lucky. Life is precious. There is no one in the world who has never seen a doctor even once in their life. The healthy never needs a doctor, it is the sick who needs a doctor. A doctor is the link between life and death.  The best doctor is not determined by his marks. Indeed winning a doctors degree is a troublesome job, but not every doctor who scored well on the tests be the best doctor. These tests do not measure character, caliber, and creativity.


Most doctors are just prisoners of their education who are tied up to their profession. The best doctor is the one who works with dedication. Every patient has a doctor inside him. We can lie to our parents, friends, children but never to a doctor. After the god it is the doctor on whom we retain our faith. We owe our lives to the rescuers, doctors and everyone who help us survive the disaster.

Toast to all the doctors in the world on this national doctor’s day who save the lives of  of people, who recover people from illness, who extend the lives of people.

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