Football: A Game of Life

 Football and Life

Its FIFA season and the football fever has spread like a flu everywhere. Class Bunking, fake holiday reports and late night sleep would have become usual thing. You can find at least one person in every house sitting in front of the big screen with rice bowl in one hand and the remote control in the other just to make sure your mom doesn’t change the channel to watch her favorite serial. fifa-world-cup-trophy-wallpaper-kvwncfvw You may think that’s exactly what happens in my home. Well its not what happens only in your home but the football fever has been spreading rapidly that you can find the same in every house. Every time your favorite player makes a kick you throw up a party. You would have started collecting the posters of your favorite stars that you will paste it all across the walls in your room,in spite of getting scolding from your parents.  The players become your idols.

Football indeed is a beautiful game. When every one enjoys the beauty of this game , i would like to see it as a real life game. Football is that game which is true to life. Its a game about sharing, where 20 players run behind just one ball with the aim to achieve their goal, which you cant achieve it without your teammates support. In order to achieve your goal you need to overcome through every obstacle that comes on your. Unless you play it you can’t achieve it and if you do any fouls or misconduct, bang on, you get a yellow card. After all the hurdles that you have come over when you are just a distant away from achieving your goal, you see the goal keeper who will try his best to prevent you from getting your goal. But the best player never misses his target. He just plays his game and gets his goal.

After you have achieved your goal, your teammates  congratulate you, your  fans cheer up for you, your family feel happy for you. Just like when you have scored the top rank in your exam. But then even the best player sometimes miss his target, but that’s life. Its not necessary you have to succeed every time. Sometimes even the leader has to welcome the defeat at the hand of his disciples. At the end hard work, dedication and sacrifice does pays off. When you people eat, drink, and sleep with football you fail to recognize its life. Don’t walk through life just playing football, or watching football ultimately have an ultimate goal and the ultimate mission. People who work together will win together, whether its against the football defenses or the problems of the society.

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