Dr.Manmohan Singh: The most qualified leader

 Dr. Manmohan Singh

As our former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh steps down from his post, lets have a review of his qualification. Though people just know him as the prime minister of India, he is way beyond that. We Indians have always made unnecessary remarks about this great leader, but he deserves a lot respect for what he is. Yes you heard it right, we Indians can be really proud of this leader who is the most qualified person in the world. Mr. Singh has been the 13th Prime Minister of India since 2004. He subsequently began his bureaucratic career when Lalit Narayan Mishra hired him as an advisor in the Ministry of Foreign Trade. Over the 70’s and 80’s, Singh held several key posts in the Government of India, such as Chief Economic Advisor,  Reserve Bank governor, and Planning Commission head and many more.  He stood first throughout his academic career.  Lets have a glance at his qualifications:-

1. First place in BA(Hons) Punjab University 1952.

2. First place in MA (Economics) in Punjab university 1954.

3. Wright’s prize for Distinguished performance at St. Johns College Cambridge 1955.

4. 1957 Economic Tripos [First Class honours], University of Cambridge

5. Dphil (Oxford), Dlitt (Honoris causa) PhD thesis on India’s Export competitiveness.

From the above information, it is for sure he was an briliant kid at his young age . Now lets see how his career goes.

images (25)

1. Sr. lecturer Economics in 1957 – 1959.

2. Reader Economics 1959 – 1963.

3. Prof.in Economics Punjab University 1963 – 1965.

4. Worked for U N in 1966 – 1969.

5. Prof. International Trade Delhi School of Economics in 1969 – 1971.

6. Economic Advisor in 1972 – 1976.

7. Honorary prof. in Jawahar Lal Nehru University 1976.

8. Governor of Reserve Bank of India 1982 – 1985.

9. Deputy chairman of planning commission 1985 – 1987.

10. Secretary General of South Commission Geneva Switzerland in 1987 – 1990.

11. Advisor to PM of India on Economic Affairs 1990 – 1991.

12. Finance Minister of India 1991 – 1996.

13. Leader Opposition in Rajya Sabha 1998 – 2004.


You may wonder, are we really talking about our former prime minister, yes we are. Now  lets have a glance at his “ACHIEVEMENTS

1)Adam Smith Prize, University of Cambridge, 1956

2)Padma Vibhushan, 1987

3)Euro money Award, Finance Minister of the Year, 1993;

4)Asia money Award, Finance Minister of the Year for Asia, 1993 and 1994

In a country which doesn’t even require a  minimum education to become a prime minister we had among us the most qualified person not only in INDIA but in the whole world. Indeed the Indians can be really proud of him. Mr. Manmohan Singh was never a politician, he is a renowned economist who was pulled into the politics dilemma.  We salute this great leader, wishing him a wonderful and healthy retired life.

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