Maximize Your Concentration

Maximize Your Concentration

Many of us lack concentration in doing a work. We read the text and the next moment we forget it. Unless it is an interesting or thrilling story, we hardly remember what we have read. Children find it very hard to remember what they had studied. However there are few of them who can remember it for a longer period of time and people call it as a rare gift. Since the time, humans have tried to understand what memory is, how it works and why it goes wrong? And the answer to all these questions lies in just one word- concentration.

Concentration has been defined as “the ability to direct one’s thinking in whatever direction one would intend”. We all have the ability to concentrate for some amount of time. But at other times our thoughts are scattered, and our minds race from one thing to another.


It’s no surprise that people who can concentrate and focus will do better in education, work, and life. We might think they’re just the lucky ones. The truth is, we can all learn to concentrate.To deal with such times, we need to learn and practice concentration skills and strategies.

1)Find the Purpose in Your Work:-It’s hard to stay focused when you simply don’t care. If you’re doing a boring or frustrating task, look for the reason why you are doing? When you’ve got a purpose in mind, you’ll be motivated to do the work. And when you’re motivated, it’s much easier to concentrate.

2)Plan your work:-If you have a plan, it’s easy to keep moving forwards. You won’t suddenly stop and wonder what to do next.

3)Take regular breaks:-If you think that sitting continuously for hours will improve your concentration, then you have mistaken. It’s actually much more effective to work for short periods and then take breaks. You need to take a break to let your brain recharge.

4)Avoid Distractions:-Try to do your work in a calm and quite atmosphere. Avoid distractions such as mobiles, internet and anything that would take your mind away.

5)Take time:-If you live life in a rush, dashing from one thing to the next, it’s no surprise that you find yourself unable to focus.

6)Meditation:-Meditation is the most powerful of all concentration enhancement techniques. Learn a few simple meditation techniques and practice them at least five minutes daily.

If you follow the above techniques, you’ll be delighted at your ability to recall information given in lectures. It can even improve your social life. Your special friend will appreciate your undivided attention.  So will other friends. Remember concentration is the road to success.

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