The Lost Art Of Letter Writing

The Lost Art Of Letter Writing

The art of letter writing is lost in this fast moving economy, where emails and messages replace the letters. In the earlier days, when Man didn’t had mobile in his pocket and laptop in his desktop, he wrote letters. The receivers excitement that lies in receiving the letter after a month’s gap, the excitement to read it and to reply for it, is no more avail today. Today you write a message and within the time period of a blink you get the reply.


Writing a letter is a distinct experience. Writing brings with it, the expressions and feelings. When you write a letter to your closed one with your own hand you will find yourself wrapped up in emotions. But today man has become so obsessed with these computers that he can only think of these electronic gadgets even in his sleep. Hence the handwriting has disappeared from our lives. However for a writer, he/she will always prefer to write in hand their ideas.

There are few personal touches that the writer offer, through the ink he has used and a few other personal touches such as did they use black ink? Or red? And why did they pick red? Was that all they had, or did the writer mean something by it? Did they go out and buy expensive paper for they letter or did they just rip some out of notebook?  It does give you little hints about what they were thinking and feeling when they wrote this letter. 

This day when you find a letter in your attic, you get so much excited that you think of reading it at least once. We take effort in keeping those letters safe, but we don’t care to save any mail which we receive, though it is saved automatically. Too many emails in your inbox annoys you and you report them as spam. One can understand your feelings through your writing style, where as emailing will give the same effect to all the words. The beauty of letter can not be achieved in any forms of electronic messages. If you want to write something deeply, go for the handwriting. Keep writing and let others feel the same.

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