Time and Tide Waits for None

Time and Tide Waits for None

You might have often heard this proverb “time and tide waits for none“. So what is so peculiar about time and how is it related to tide? Time and tide are like natural phenomena. They do not have any consideration for any living creatures, they come and they go. They are beyond the control of human hands. They say time is money but in fact time is more than money. Time is indeed free, but its priceless. You can get the lost money, back in your life and you can even earn it in the future but the time once gone, is gone forever. Its obvious you know how important time is in our life. Yet we still complain of not having enough time. Life is short and so is the time you get in life, and you got to do a lot in your life. The time you get now, use it, enjoy it and live with it, but don’t waste it. Time once gone can never be taken back. Every minute, every second in your life counts.

time and tide wait for no man

Ever felt like you have wasted your time in your past, if so then think no more, you cannot switch on the remote and bring back the past moments like it happens in time  machines in films. The time once gone is gone forever, don’t waste too much time thinking about it , cause thinking about the past time will ruin your present. Time has three needle the past, present and future. Every time you look at the time, watch yourself what you been doing all these time. Time is precious if used properly, can be a boon if wasted can be a bane. Lost time is never found again. So every time you waste your time, realize that you are wasting your life.

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