The Perfect Resume

The Perfect Resume:-

Are you a job seeker? Do you have a perfect resume which can open up the door for you to the interviews? A resume is a document, which highlights your education, skill, and experiences as they relate to a particular position. The right resume can open up many doors. When it comes to creating a resume everyone has their own opinion which will confuse you, however there are certain formats to be followed while developing a resume. Is your resume hitting the mark? If not, we will help you out in getting you ready for your dream job.


1)The font size:-The text can be written in 11 or 12 font size, but not less than 11, as it becomes difficult to read and understand. The Times New Roman or Arial are the standard fonts used for writing text. Make sure you don’t use different fonts for different headings.

2)Use Only Black Ink:-Make sure you use only black ink to write the content. However you can use multiple font size for different sections we suggest you to prefer making it bold or italicized. Font for header or introduction can be 14 or 16.

3)Formatting :-One inch margin all the way around with 1.5 or 2 point line spacing. The body of your resume should be aligned to the left and your header should be centered at the top of your page.

4)At the top:- At the top of the page include your name, address, email and phone number. The name can be written in 14  or 16 size.

5)Education background:- Include your education details with the university/institute name, your degree with mark and the year of passing.

6)Layout style:-It includes your work history and the type of job you are applying. The history of the work includes name of the company, your designation, location, and your responsibilities.

7)Special skills:-If you are well versed in a special area of work such as computer programming or any other field, be sure to include your level of expertise here.

8)Short phases:-Create short phases to describe your experiences that highlight your accomplishments. Use attractive keywords. Understand the requirement and try to include those keywords in your profile.

9)Give your references:-Provide 2-4 professional references with their name, relationship, phone number, address and email.

10)Spell check your resume:-Spell check and proof read your resume several times.Have someone else proof read it. Watch out for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and incorrect information.

The resume plays a key part in getting you your job. A great resume will go a long way towards getting your ideal job. A poor one is a sure way to miss out on it. There’s no doubt that you will do everything possible to be the best candidate you can be.

To make sure that your resume is the best it can be too, contact us:-



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