Writing Your Own Diary

Writing your own Diary

Writing your own diary is always fun. It keeps track of your past and makes you think about future. You can see for yourself, how you have changed over time and read over the memories, having a few laughs. Anyone can write a diary, as it does not require any proper grammar or language. It is the only writing where you can make hundreds of mistakes yet nobody would correct you. It is always fun to have your own diary. If you haven’t experienced this fun we suggest you to write your diary today itself. As a starter just keep in mind certain points which we have mentioned below :-


1)Lock your diary:-Try to buy diaries which have locks as they are safer, since your diary, will be your secret keeper.

2)Date and place:- Always start writing diary by mentioning the date and place at the top left side, so that later when you read it, you can note the date and the place.

3)Write your diary at night time:-Write your diary at the night time, so that you can describe the whole day.

4)Start writing :- Just start writing. Write about your day, ideas, advice, tips, secrets anything that you feel to share with your diary.

5)Describe the day:-Start with the morning. Describe the day, move on to the afternoon session and gradually to the evening.

6)Paste pictures:-You can make your diary look interesting by pasting photos or other souvenirs, suppose if you went to a park with your best friend you can paste that ticket in your diary.

7)Your Real Friend:-Consider your diary as a real person and convey your emotions, wishes and secrets to your diary.

8)Don’t bluff:-Don’t bluff to your diary, always be truthful. No matter how horrible the truth is, be sincere to your diary.

9)Be creative:-Try to be creative while writing your diary. If you had just a normal day like other days, you can imagine and write down how you want your day to be. use your imaginations while writing a diary.

10)Keep safe:-Perhaps the last but the most important point is to keep your diary safe from your friends and relatives.

Diary writing is always fun. Once you start writing your diary you will recognize that your diary becomes your best friend, a friend who listens to all your complaints, a friend with whom you can share all your secrets and whom you can trust blindly. Unless you show your diary to others, your diary will never let know others whats inside it.

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