Why Do I Use Facebook

Why Do I Use Facebook 

Have you ever given a thought to  why you use Facebook? If not, give it a thought now. Is it just because all your friends are there in the Facebook? Nowadays, social  media has become so important in ones life! One can live without food, water, or shelter but not with Orkut, Facebook, or Twitter, and among these, Facebook tops the list. Even when Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, he would not have thought that a day would come when every member in a family will have a Facebook account but not a bank account. From chatting with friends and to sharing your opinions to creating events, Facebook has it all.


A place to message, see photos and chat with your friends. It is a great way to keep in contact with friends and family and even find long-lost friends who you haven’t spoken to in years. It is the place where conversations start. So do you think you have an Facebook account just to be in touch with your friends and family, or is it more than that? Don’t think too much on it! – we will tell you why everyone is keen on using Facebook! It is that,  it meets the two basic needs of an individual i.e., :-

1)The need to belong.

2)The need to self-presentation.

Facebook is an online accepted means of communication, where everyone wants to belong and Facebook offers that virtual sense of belonging. How you ever wondered why every time you receive a comment on your post or a message, people can never say it to your face, but always post it on Facebook. It also provides you a platform to present yourself in front of others and you never leave a chance of presenting yourself with photos and other updates, perhaps that’s why the elders say, “If you have a problem, face it, don’t Facebook it!”

Apart from just chatting and viewing the posts, you also play online games in Facebook. It is also used for business purposes where it connects with co-workers. It has the ability to collect all sorts of data and target users for an increase in  advertisement revenue…. Hence goes its use. At the same time, if not used properly, it can be a waste of time.

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