How Good Is your Grammar

How good is your grammar

Before I ask you how good is your grammar, let me ask you what is this grammar? Grammar to be said in simple language are the set of rules used in the language. The rules that you study in schools are just a part of grammar. English grammar is not always simple to understand as there are countless grammar rules in the English language. Since there is no authoritative language academy, the guidance on English language can come from many sources, and hence this can create problems.

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Making grammatical errors especially while writing an article or delivering a public speech just ruins your impression. Some of the common errors that many of us usually make without even realizing the difference between them are :-

1)Your and You’re :- Your is  pronoun while you’re is a contraction for you are.

2)There, their and they’re:- We use there for referring  a place and their while talking about more than one person and they’re is contraction of they are.

3)Affect and effect :- Affect is a verb while effect is most often a noun .

4)Then and than:- Then literally refers to ‘in addition to ” and than can be used for comparing two words.

The above mentioned are just a few of many errors that we make. There are so many grammar rules in English language, such that committing a mistake becomes a quite usual thing. Here are some of the points to be kept in mind while using the English language.

1)Proper usage of verb tense :-One must be consistent on the verb tense they use as it is the action taking place -in the past, present, and future. Example :- I go to the shop yesterday. This sentence is incorrect go is present tense but the action took place in past, so it has to be I went to the shop yesterday.

2)Subject/verb agreement :-The subject of sentence has to agree in number with the verb. Example:- Peter and Patrick is going for a movie. Is is singular while Peter and Patrick are plural, so the correct sentence becomes Peter and Patrick are going for a movie.

3)Use of pronouns :-Pronouns take the place of nouns in sentences. In order to avoid grammar error, the pronoun has to agree with the noun that is replacing. Example:- John went to a restaurant to have their breakfast. Here John is singular but their is plural, so instead of their it has to be his to make it a correct sentence.

4)Never use double negatives:-One must not use double negatives in a sentence.Example:- I don’t drink no milk, this sentence is inappropriate as there are double negatives in the sentence, it has to be i don’t drink milk.

5)Don’t start a line with preposition:-Never start a line or a paragraph using prepositions such as and, but, or, in etc.

Grammar is so important that if you don’t learn it, writing becomes hard. A grammatical error can change the meaning of the whole sentence. One can improve his/her grammar by continuous practice. Read, Speak, and Write but whatever you do ask your experts to check it out.

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