Grow your Vocabulary

Grow your Vocabulary 

If you want to grow your vocabulary, then you are just on the right page. A persons vocabulary is all the words that he or she knows. The vocabulary of a person varies from person to person. Someone who knows many words is said to have a wide vocabulary. It is good to develop a wide vocabulary. Before moving on to the tips to improve your vocabulary lets see what are the benefits of building  vocabulary.

1)A person may be judged by others based on his or her vocabulary.

2)It plays an important part in ones life as it aids to expression and communication.

3)Gives you the ability to say what you mean, which allows you to communicate effectively.

4)Helps you understand other people.

5)Assists you in becoming a more informed and involved citizen.

Wilkinson once said,” without grammar, very little can be conveyed, and without vocabulary, nothing can be conveyed”.

We suggest you 5 easy steps that will help you to improve your vocabulary.

images (3)

1)Reading :- A persons reading vocabulary is all the words that he or she recognizes while reading. The more you read the more you explore.

2)Speaking:-A persons speaking vocabulary can be described as all the words that he or she uses while speaking. Communicate effectively with your fellow mates so that every time you make a mistake let them correct you.

3)Listening:-A persons listening vocabulary is all the words that he or she understands while listening.  You can also pick up many new words when you listen to the peoples speech.

4)Writing:- A persons writing vocabulary is all the words that a person uses while writing. Develop the habit of writing diary daily so that you can improve your writing skill too.

5)Explore the new words:-Look up for new words in the dictionary, find its meaning, use the words several times in your conversation.

We can provide you hundreds of similar ways to build your vocabulary. All you have to do is just follow with us as you have been doing till now.


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