The Art Of Reading

The Art Of Reading 

Often you have heard your teacher saying “Read more books” but how many of us actually follow it. Reading is far behind, many of us even hate seeing the books itself. Developing effective reading skills is an important part of learning. Reading is an art which everyone enjoys, but due to time management issue and puzzling over unfamiliar words many of us give up reading. If you are reading purely for leisure or entertainment it can be that easy, and if you are reading to gain knowledge, it isn’t that easy. Certain things which you need to follow to enjoy reading are:-


1)Have a purpose for reading :- Why you intend to read a particular text and what you hope to gain from it. Have an answer to these questions before you start reading.

2)Right time and right place :- Some people prefer to read early in the day, while others in the late night, it depends on your comfort zone when and where you want to read.

3)Listening to Music :- Listening to music while reading may help some students, however make sure that your music doesn’t disturb other people.

4)Read every word :- Many of us have the habit of just reading the first and the last paragraph and skipping the boring and irrelevant passages. It is highly recommended not to do so unless you have read the topic fully even once.

5)Making notes :- While reading make sure you note down the important points so that you can grasp the content easily and remember it for a long while.

6)Use context clues :- Use context clues to find the words meaning, that is many of the words meanings you can understand from the paragraph itself, make use of it rather than referring the dictionary every time you find a new word.

6)Enjoy reading :- The last but not the least always enjoy reading. Read books which you find interesting. Share the story with your friends and you will find yourself enjoying reading.

The more you read, the more you learn. Follow the above tips so that next time when your teacher says “Read more books” you can proudly say “I do”.

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