How To Become An Awesome Writer

How To Become An Awesome Writer

To be an awesome writer, it all depends on creative writing and for most people creative writing isn’t easy at all . Every good writing needs a rewriting.Many a times you think of writing a different theme but you still come up with the same old ideas. Now what to do, don’t give up your hope, you still have chances to be an awesome writer. Just follow the tips we provide you :-


1)Have a happy start :- When you have decided to write, always make sure you start on a relaxed and calm state, if you have a good starting eventually your writing will improve.

2)Get attached to  your diary :- Always make sure you have your writing diary with you even if you are eating, playing, watching movie or even sleeping, you can never know ideas come out of nowhere.

3)Live with your character:-Once you have selected your character live with it, draw a mind map about the character, convey your emotions in your writing, it connects to the readers, see them as real life characters.

4)Make a twist : -Make a twist in your story, with a tragic or unexpected incident which will make your readers anxiety to further reading .

5)Share your work :- Tell your story with your closed ones and welcome every critic that you get on your work so that you can see what to improve.

6)Edit your work :- Every time you edit your writing it keeps improving , check for the spelling and grammatical mistakes.

7)Believe in yourself:- Have a belief that you can do it and concentrate on your work, you will find yourself being an awesome writer.

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