Shakespeare Still At 450


A very common and popular name , still if we ask you who is William Shakespeare you may miss one of these points, the famous English poet, playwright, actor, greatest writer in English language and an preeminent dramatist.o-WILLIAM-SHAKESPEARE-facebook

Born in the month of April , baptized on 26th April, its been 450 years ago from this day. The kind of language Shakespeare uses is archaic and obsolete, yet he’s considered the best even today. As Thomas Jefferson says”Shakespeare must be singled out by one who wishes to learn the full powers of English language . ”

Indeed his power lies in his psychological insight into human nature. Many of his plays  can be seen even today in Hollywood screens. The Lion King, Disney featured animated movie is basically the story of “Hamlet” but set in the animal kingdom.The Oscar winning musical West Wide story is based on greatest love stories of all time Romeo and Juliet .The 1956 science fiction film Forbidden Planet is basically The Tempest .

Though its been 400 long years since he left , he’s play still speak to us. Shakespeare’s characters also reveal much about human behavior .Perhaps that is why he still lives in our hearts, going at 450. People from all over the world have honored this writer on his death day which likely remains to be his birthday also. Like his life his birthday remains Mysterious and celebrations to all .

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